Who’s buying?

February 12th, 2006 by sjan

Despite the fact that our album has been available for while now, and we have had scores of people tell us that they were in a hurry to buy it, we haven’t managed to actually sell many at all.

Makes one wonder – do people say that so they don’t have to say they didn’t like it? Maybe, but I would rather hear what it is they don’t like about it – We never claimed to be perfect, just doing what we love. And if we can do something to enhance the listening experience, we will.

So who is buying? A couple co-workers, and a radio station in Brazil. After they asked our permission to play our music on the air. Well, that’s something at least.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so. There are samples (low-quality) on the site. The store is linked. Buy our album!!! Please?

Finally got some samples up

January 12th, 2006 by sjan

I finally got around to uploading some samples from the first released 2DL album for Now

Since the fastest upstream rate I can get here without going to a managed T1 (why, oh why, can’t I get an unmanaged T1 here?) is 360kbps the files are in lower quality MP3 and limited to only the first two minutes of each song. They are, however, decent enough to give you an idea of what we (2DL) are doing.

To access the samples go to http://www.evardsson.com/blog/2dl/ and check them out.

I do ask that you are gentle on my server, though, for the reasons listed above.