Hosted at home again

June 3rd, 2008 by sjan

While it was nice to have hosting during the move, I really do prefer having my server available at hand. And once again it is – after canceling the hosting and updating my DNS information this site and are again hosted from my home office.

For future reference: SSH and command line access beats the crap out of cPanel any day.

Hitting the road …

May 21st, 2008 by sjan

I am taking a few minutes before my work day officially starts to write this. We are hitting the road tomorrow, for our move to Olympia. There are certainly things I will miss about Alaska, like the ravens, the aurora, the endless summer days, the sheer vast beauty of the place… There are a few things I won’t miss though, like the smell during break-up, the short winter days, the bitter cold (I don’t need to do another interior winter to know that -50F is no fun), snow (no really, I’ve had my share, Washington state could outlaw it for all I care at this point.)

Anyhow, the move (as I said) happens tomorrow and we will be on the road for several days. The last couple times I drove the ALCAN I did it in 3 days or less. This time we are taking our time, seeing a few things along the way and generally trying to be sane about it. As I find wireless on the way I will update twitter so those who care can see where we are.