Doing things the hard way

October 22nd, 2006 by sjan

After much fighting with XMail, and repeated failure I fell back on the MTA I know best (), and the local delivery and authentication I know least (mostly because prior to installing XMail on the old server I never had to bother with it.)

So, after checking around I found a fairly well-documented Postfix + Courier-IMAP + SASL + MySQL How-To for Gentoo. While it is specefic in some regards to Gentoo, the majority of the instructions should be fairly straightfoward to transfer to other *nixes.

Anyway, mail is working again, at least mostly. I still need to replace some aliases and a distribution list, but that’s all pretty simple normally, and with the MySQL db added in the mix it gets even easier, since Postfix is looking to the db for virtual domains, users, aliases, relocated mappings, everything. How much simpler can it get?

Now, if there were just one package that combined all the mail functions (kind of like XMail) and integrated with MySQL and came with decent documentation and installed from one package … Maybe Courier will move beyond version 0.53 someday and become more of a player.

New Server, Xmail pains

October 21st, 2006 by sjan

Replacing the old PIII 733MHz server with a slightly less old PIII 1GHz server was mostly very straightforward. That in and of itself doesn’t seem like much, until you consider that the old server was running a stripped out Vector with a chrooted lampp, and the replacement is running Gentoo with the traditional-one-tool-at-a-time type installation.

It was mostly simple, since every single tool I use has a Gentoo ebuild. Everything seemed to be going just fine, until I discovered the hard way that the Gentoo ebuild for XMail is b0rked. :-/

Well, since it is way past my bedtime I am going to put it down for the night and try to tackle it tomorrow. But, until I get it working all mail to and will bounce. Sorry.