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SysAdmin Day

July 27th, 2007 by sjan

It’s SysAdmin Day. So, does that mean I get some time off? Or a card? Oh, wait, I have a server to rebuild. Never mind.

New Class of Exploits: Dangling Pointers

July 23rd, 2007 by sjan

While dangling pointers are a common coding error (especially in C++) there has previously been no way known to exploit them. In fact, they were generally considered a quality control issue rather than a security issue. That is all set to change. According to an article today from SearchSecurity Jonathan Afek and Adi Sharabani of Watchfire Inc have uncovered a way to exploit generic dangling pointers to run shell code on a server in much the same fashion as buffer overflows. According to Danny Allen (also of Watchfire) this technique can be used on any application with dangling pointers.

Afek will be giving a presentation on the technique in August at the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas.

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Intel joins One Laptop Per Child

July 13th, 2007 by sjan

An Intel news release from today states that they are joining the One Laptop Per Child project. This goes beyond making the Classmate PC to active involvement in developing the technology and educational content of the program, as well as joining the board of OLPC.

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Louder is not better

July 12th, 2007 by sjan

Issue 1: I have noticed that the CD’s in my collection which are older (late 80’s to mid 90’s or so) sound a whole lot better than those recorded more recently.

Issue 2: Popping in an older CD after playing a more recently released one required turning the volume up. Never mind the deafening blast that results when going from playing an older CD to a newer one without adjusting the volume first.

If I had bothered to really think about it I would have realized that the these are actually two effects of the same cause. For an explanation this YouTube video has a clear audio and visual representation of what is happening in the world of music production today. Producers are turning up the volume on tracks to get the loudest sounds possible, but at the expense of the dynamic qualities of the music.

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Live on (yet) another social site

July 7th, 2007 by sjan

Yes, it’s true, I finally broke down and signed up on MySpace. Truth be told, I have had a rather private account on there for a while now, but never set up anything in the profile – mainly to allow me to visit band sites of some of my favorite Nerdcore artists. Since my wife has been using it for a while, as well as several friends from Washington state I thought I’d go ahead and dive in as well. So you can find me there too, at

I also set up a site for 2DL at (the 2dl url was taken)

Now I guess, I should think about doing something with my Facebook account. Ok – never mind, I did it, it’s here.

So, how does one keep up with all of these? Well, for one, I found a nifty thing to update my MySpace blog when I update this blog. Now if I can get the Feed Invasion app to work on Facebook it will show up there as well. Haven’t I done enough damage for one day?