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Linksys Wireless N and AirPort don’t mix?

May 29th, 2008 by sjan

Just on a hunch I made a minor change to the WAP – I changed it from the default (B,G,N) to only do B & G – and surprise – I have full speed connection. So, trip to the Mac store – not needed. Big sigh of relief goes here

ALCAN and hardware don’t mix

May 28th, 2008 by sjan

Well, it seems that I am doing what I said I never would – blogging from my iPhone. It seems that somewhere along the way the wireless card in the MacBook Pro got shaken too vigorously and now, while I can connect I am averaging a throughput of somewhat less than normal. It seems to connect at no more than 360 bytes (no, not kilobytes) and spends much of its time idling at 0. So it is off to the Mac store I go…

More as I have news.

Hitting the road …

May 21st, 2008 by sjan

I am taking a few minutes before my work day officially starts to write this. We are hitting the road tomorrow, for our move to Olympia. There are certainly things I will miss about Alaska, like the ravens, the aurora, the endless summer days, the sheer vast beauty of the place… There are a few things I won’t miss though, like the smell during break-up, the short winter days, the bitter cold (I don’t need to do another interior winter to know that -50F is no fun), snow (no really, I’ve had my share, Washington state could outlaw it for all I care at this point.)

Anyhow, the move (as I said) happens tomorrow and we will be on the road for several days. The last couple times I drove the ALCAN I did it in 3 days or less. This time we are taking our time, seeing a few things along the way and generally trying to be sane about it. As I find wireless on the way I will update twitter so those who care can see where we are.

Hosting solved

May 4th, 2008 by sjan

During the move this site and will be hosted by HostGator. While the initial setup was a bit tricky (changing paths, relying on php errors to tell me what the paths actually were, etc) I managed to get it up and running.

Since my wife didn’t keep copies of her mail locally her mail “disappeared” when the DNS switched over. I will probably alter her hosts file long enough to pull all the mail off the server and cache it locally so that she can respond to a few she had lined up.

After that it is a matter of switching our mail readers to point to the right (new) server for the interim and then changing everything back once we are relocated and settled.

Moving (and possibly down for a while)

May 3rd, 2008 by sjan

Ok, everyone already knows we are moving back to the lower 48. This means, of course, that this site and will both be down during the transition. Unless, that is, I can find a reasonable price on one month of hosting. Just to throw the blogs and email up and point the DNS there during the move. If not, expect this site to be down from the 22nd of this month until sometime around the first week of June.

More later.